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Wax removal

Wax removal

At Charlwood Hearing Care we use three different techniques to remove wax; microsuction, irrigation and dry removal. Depending on what we find on the day we may use any one or a combination of all three methods in order to successfully clear the wax. We deal with blocked ears in a very safe, clean clinical environment, efficiently and fast. We can often offer same day or next day appointments.

We specialise in microsuction which is a safe and effective method for removing wax. A fine tip probe is used to gently hoover out the wax with no water involved. Microsuction is widely regarded as the safest and most gentle way to remove wax. In the majority of cases it provides instant relief and restores any loss of hearing caused by the blockage.

Irrigation (commonly but wrongly called syringing) is the use of water to flush out the wax. We use an electronic irrigator which regulates the pressure of water used. It is much safer than the old syringes where it was difficult to regulate the pressure manually. Irrigation works well for very soft wax that sits too deep to remove safely with suction.

Dry removal is an ear wax removal technique using an instrument such as a curette or forceps to manually remove wax and debris from the ear canal, usually at the entrance of the ear.

What will happen at the appointment?

Following a brief discussion about your health and hearing, we will use our video otoscope to examine the ear canals. This allows you to see on a screen exactly how much wax there is and whether treatment is required.

If your ears are blocked with excess wax we will then fill in a short questionnaire and explain the procedure to you. We allow 30-45 minutes for the appointment depending on the treatment required. Occasionally follow up work may be needed if the wax is very deep, hard and compacted.

Our wax removal treatment is performed slowly and carefully and should not cause any discomfort. If you have any concerns during the procedure the treatment is stopped immediately. Our wax removal treatment can offer instant relief and is usually a revelation!

Preparing for your appointment

We would recommend using olive oil ear drops or an olive oil spray such as Earol twice a day for 2-3 days prior to your appointment. These products are available at most pharmacies and we stock Earol. If you are unsure how to administer ear drops, please read the guide below. You should not use ear drops or spray if you have a perforated ear drum or have experienced ear infections.

How to use ear drops:

  • Lay down on your side with the ear requiring drops facing upwards.
  • Pull the outer ear backwards.
  • Drop 2 drops of oil at room temperature into the ear canal and then massage the skin in front of the entrance of the ear canal. This enables the oil to reach the wax more easily.
  • Stay lying down for 5 minutes and then get up and wipe away excess oil with a tissue. Do not put cotton wool in the ear following the drops as this absorbs the oil.


We use high quality disposable equipment in all our wax removal treatments. We also use the highest quality loupes (for visual awareness) and treatment machines to ensure the safest and most effective standards are achieved. Our prices reflect the cost of this equipment and our expertise in being able to perform the procedure safely and effectively.

  • Wax removal £60
  • If no wax is present a £20 consultation fee will apply

If you require a home visit for this service an additional call out fee may apply depending on your location.

Please note we are unable to offer wax removal at the York Nuffield and Harrogate Duchy clinics.

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